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Special Pest Control Services Pte Ltd

There are a total of 3 reviews with an overall approval rating of 33%.

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Here are the compiled reviews:

30 Nov 12
By: slinky

“Anyway, new pest control guy is coming on Mon. After 2 hive removals and killing some roaches with Eric the pest control guy, I’ve had thoughts that he just might be milking me for all the money he can get. We’ll see what this guy charges. (Not like I won’t pay it, duh, the hive has to go)”

11 Nov 09
By: Scrummy Mummy

“Eric quoted $1600 and said he’s need to fumigate the whole place, and we’d all need to move out. He then said he’d try to reduce the cost for me just fumigating the kitchen, which would bring it down to $800. This all got me rather suspicious that I’m getting the ang moh service.”

18 Dec 08
By: baloo

“We have one recommended by FurBaby. Not cheap but very pleasant and always on time. If he likes you he’ll start leaving 7th Day Advntist, or is it Mormon, magazines about how to live your life in a healthy god fearing way. Haven’t got the number here but if you’re still interested after BoD gives you the name of his, let me know.
Eric Zheng
Special Pest Control Services”

Special Pest Control Services Pte Ltd
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