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SK Pest Management Services Pte Ltd

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12 Mar 15
By: Bugshater

“I have therefore engaged a Pest Controller to tackle this problem on 9 Mar and decided to do my cleaning part thereafter. I have made enquiries from 2 Pest Controller to their method of killing the bed bugs… At the end, I engaged SK because they are able to assure & convince me of their methods – using chemical spray & gas (need to close all windows & doors). I was quite worried about the successful rate… but I’m quite relieved to check on 11 Mar that those bugs were dried up & died.”

SK Pest Management Services Pte Ltd
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  • July 12, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    Engaged SK pest control to deal with bed bugs and the first service visit was quick and efficient. Upon request the full amount was paid. Subsequently, they forgot to turn up on the prearranged second visit date. Upon calling up, they said they would come later that day and did not even call to say they are running late. Eventually, another appointment date was arranged for the next day and again they failed to turn up on time despite explaining to them that I had tight schedule that day and was reassured by them they would be on time. I was kept waiting again and eventually after multiple phone calls from me, the staff arrives and quickly does the job and leaves without as much as an apology. The pest issue was dealt with but staff lacked professionalism and courtesy of informing when delayed.


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