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Rentokil Initial Singapore Pte Ltd

There are a total of 11 reviews with an overall approval rating of 72.7%.

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10 Dec 15
By: Leave No Men Behind

“Rentokil lor”

Jul 15
By: teamaniac

“We used Rentokil when we had an infestation a few years back. (same problem as you. Got it from camp and it spread like wildfire across 3 rooms)
The treatment was for 3 rounds, based on the life cycle of the bed bugs. First round to kill the adult bugs, 2nd round 1 week later to kill the young bugs that grew up, and the 3rd round 3 weeks later for the eggs that missed the first 2 rounds.
Not only do they spray the beds, they also sprayed the surrounding sides of the beds as well. After the first treatment, you could already sleep well with no bites.
We did not have any problem since then. Best $500++ spent.”

13 May 15
By: Joy Png

“[Inferred by PestControlQuotations to reference RentoKil] We have had termites problems in our townhouse over the years. I finally called the go-to big name pest control company in Singapore (R). Fortunately, I also called Maximum Pest Management. I found Maximum Pest Management superior in all fronts….Treatment proposals – Mr Chris has our best interests in mind. He ruled out the most expensive soil treatment method noting it was not necessary or practical under our circumstances (unlike the R representative). His treatment proposal for us also appears to be much more effective for the long run.”

24 Feb 13
By: Viceroymenthol

“Cost will not be anything near the maintenance fees you pay in a condo. You mentioned well-located high end condo. The maintenance fees for these range from $700 to $1000 a month or more, with sinking fund included. You ask the rentokil man come once a month cost you how much only?”

14 May 12
By: OnTheRoad

“I only took the anti-termite treatment contract, it doesn’t include other pests…if that’s what you’re looking at, I can pm the Rentokil contact to u. I paid ard 3k after credit card discount, includes inspection & on the spot treatment if termites are found as well as 1.5 days of drilling the treatment into the ground. Mine’s a terrace btw.”

10 Mar 12
By: One2Only

“I engaged Rentokil for the 2 treatments and it seem solving the problem. They will do a free survey 1st then will quote you on the spot, they are very professional to explain to in details. I also sign up for the ants, roaches and termites routine service package to solve the pest headache”

23 Nov 11
By: SiSi

“I have decided to use Rentokil Initial though it may cost a little more. Simply bcos they were quite pro, efficient in replying to my queries and even gave on site non-obligatory inspection almost immediately after my phone call ( they happened to be free).”

27 Jul 11
By: cnimed

“What do they actually do for $800? Asking cause I recently paid Rentokil over $2k for my very tiny apartment to eradicate and prevent termites that I suspect were coming from an apartment below me. They scanned my apartment with their gizmo, put the termite poison on active trails, drilled into all the corners of my rooms and doorways to inject in the chemical, and treated all the wooden furnishing in my place with supposed the latest most advanced anti-termite defence. Every piece of wood in my new floor was sprayed. I think they used up an entire canister of solution treating my home in the last visit. This will be followed up by regular checks for the next two years. “

24 Apr 07
By: FireIce

“Rentokil Pest Control”

29 Aug 05
By: crabx

“ya, rentokil company”

Date Unknown
By: Deyi Zeng

“”bad customer service” – Deyi Zeng”

Rentokil Initial Singapore Pte Ltd
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  • July 25, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Hired them to exterminate termites found in my parquet flooring. Cost was very expensive and not effective. Termites have re-appeared.


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