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ORIGIN Exterminators Pte Ltd

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29 Feb 16
By: Fy
Verified Review

“Just want to provide my feedback on Origin Exterminator for my bed bugs problem.

Infestation was originally only in one room. After two treatments, the bed hug problem still existed in that room and spread to two other rooms. Totally ineffective and a waste of money.”

Jul 15
By: ryuuheii

“Origin is good, they’ve got a dog that will sniff out all the bedbugs. Think you might be able to haggle down the price a little also.”

Jul 15
By: Bad_Bishop

“Anyway does anyone know a better pest control company for this problem? I’ve heard origin pest control is good, but their package is $720 dollars and I will only go with it if I know there’s no other options.”

11 May 15
By: Little_prince

“lol. i also went with Origin.

i remember they used a dog called sparky. Lol”

9 May 15
By: Nautilus

“I went with Origin pest control. Not cheap but it’s very effective. They even give a one month warranty after the last dog inspection finds no bugs.

Their strategy is to fumigate it once then a second time a month later. By then the eggs which have not hatched during the first round would have hatched. They use a chemical called temprid which is not available to consumers here.

Btw they fumigate the whole house even if one room is infested. In fact I thought only my master bedroom had it but it turned out that my living room sofa was infested as well.”

18 Aor 13
By: vinegar

“U can try “Origin”. They use environment friendly product. They doesn’t forging,instead they use “water forging” which smokeless.”

17 Aug 12
By: v5i73

“I also used ORIGINS pest control…as in my parent in-law hired them. So far no bb it’s already been a month only after the whole treatment.”

3 Jul 12
By: manuka

“Had my second treatment and also inspection by Sparky. Now is warranty period. Cross my fingers – so far so good…”

3 Feb 12
By: sparkydetectsbedbugs

“Call ORIGIN Exterminators at 6280 5666”

8 Dec 11
By: SYlvia Lim

“and they have 24-hr hotline !, that is great”

20 Sep 11
By: manuka_chan

“After the unpleasant experience on Sun night, i decided to engage Origin and Sparky dog to attack the bb especially the source of breed has not been identified n I have 2 young children at home. Yes, not cheap. The package will cost me S$900 + GST and according to Origin, this is a promotional package. Not sure how true. But, I really hope the $$$ will b well spent. The 1st session is scheduled this Friday. A lot of work need to b done prior to the session. To ensure effectiveness, we need to clear clutters n to keep the house clear on best effort basis. Details of the procedure can be founded on Origin’s website. Will update u all again after Fri.

Update on 3 Mar 12: It has been almost 5 months after the bb extermination by Origins. So far so good.”

20 Sep 11
By: joeytania

“that’s very exp price from origins. $900 for how many treatments? I had engaged their services about 2 yrs ago about $400. Just as you hv mentioned, many preparation work prior to their treatment. And more to come after when they are done. Hope they can really eliminate the BB for u. Make sure they destroy the eggs as well, if not it will come back few mths later like mine case.
Do keep us posted of everthing. “

6 Sep 11
By: miracle_bebe

“Was reading a featured article and chanced upon Origin Exterminator. Has any1 heard of them?
This company uses Sparky the BedBug Detector to find the bedbugs and accdg to featured writer, her home is begbug free.”

30 Jul 11
By: Kingsley Tan

“Professional Customer service with prompt appointment timing”

9 Feb 11
By: RY

“We engaged the services of Origin Exterminators. 2 treatments.

So far my home is free from bugs until today 🙂

Origin charged us S$588 for 2 treatments (2 weeks apart) I was also keeping my finger crossed that it will work. We are happy so far to say the least.”

28 Jan 11
By: Kamal84

” I did try to use professional help like the pest buster called Origin.. It didnt work at all.. After second treatment, i assume that i am not able to find it anymore.. It proof me wrong.. Just rite after second day, the BB came along again.. So pissed man… Paid 430 dolars to no good use”

12 Jul 10
By: leechaorui

“I have used Exterra to exterminate termites. They used a baiting system which is very effective, though costly.

Address is as follow:

Origin Exterminators Pte Ltd
39 Jalan Pemimpin #01-01
Tailee Industrial Building
Tel: +65 6280 5666 “

4 Feb 10
By: Tarzan666

“Anyway i hired the company, origin, got the cheapest quote..400+ for whole maisonette, 2 treatments in total.”

ORIGIN Exterminators Pte Ltd
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  • August 3, 2016 at 10:59 am

    Hired Origin via this website. Their service was prompt and the person who came to do the treatment for bedbugs knows his stuff. The bedbug issue was solved after 2 treatments.


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