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Okie Pest Management Pte Ltd

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14 Aug 15
By: Arinc90

“Sorry to dig up this old thread but I had to warn others of this particular pest control company called okie pest management. Which I tried even though there were no reviews of this company.

To keep things short: called them for bed bug infestation problem, pricing was so-so, but the the work done was lousy cos a few days later, I was still able to find bed bugs creeping out! Called them back but this guy name Jeff was unfriendly and spoke in a rude tone after I told him abt the problem. And he said if they were to come over to my place again, it is chargeable.. Wth??

Lesson learnt: only go to pest control companies with good reviews.

As for the okie pest management, if he had handled my feedback more professionally, I would have no complains. But the way he handled the situation shows the unprofessionalism and immaturity of the company.

Anyway it’s past and a lesson learnt.
Not recommended: Okie pest management”

Okie Pest Management Pte Ltd
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