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Mosquito Management System Pte Ltd

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26 Jun 13
By: Quint B.

“Mosquito Management System offers a range of different mosquito control products, and their website is surprisingly useful compared to most of the terrible business sites I’ve found here in Singapore. The reason I’m giving them one star is due to their poor sales practices, and inaccurate package descriptions on their site. They offer a unique deal where you can pay a monthly fee, and they will provide you with a mozzie trap, and maintain it for you each month, and at the end of a set term, you get to keep the trap, and continue the service if you choose. Sounds great, but when I asked about getting two of them, I was rebuffed and told that the only way you can get these packages is with a minimum order of 10 traps. Now I’m not the smartest man in the world, but I find it ridiculous that a homeowner or renter would ever order 10 traps. It also seems like they are missing out on a lot of potential business because of this stupid requirement. I politely asked if they would do the same deal for two, and was told no. If you want to send your business somewhere, I recommend a place with better customer service. Since they didn’t want my business I took it elsewhere.”

Mosquito Management System Pte Ltd
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