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Aardwolf Pestkare (S) Pte Ltd

There are a total of 10 reviews with an overall approval rating of 90%

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Here are the compiled reviews:

22 Jun 15
By: SiAhBui

“aardwolf pestkare website”

14 Aug 12
By: Carol W.

“The fellows at Aardwolf comes on time, regularly and I’m proud to say, not a mozzie bite since I’ve had them around. They do very thorough checks and they are very polite around the house especially when they come when I happen to tumble out of bed and bump into one of them. They are meticulous with every possible crevices that might collect stagnant water and they check rooms for various bugs. What amazes me is even if it isn’t the same staff every round, the checks are still standardised and thorough. They also advise and pre-empt us and their service is certainly the most pleasant I’ve had around.”

11 Jul 11
By: drabbits

“I’ve used aardwolf pestkare and they were v professional – came punctually, were v neat and careful in moving my furniture etc to check. I used another pest control previously and they left my kitchen in a mess.”

11 Jul 11
By: tomasulu

“Aardwolf employees were great like you said but their price was double what was quoted by a big brand company. I went cheap and the big brand did their job well. Of course i only had ants and cockroaches so your mileage may vary. Another thing don’t do monthly deals, once every two months is sufficient. You can ask for extra servicing anytime you find pests during contracted period.”

25 Apr 11
By: blossom0501

“I went to aardwolf pestkare many years back and they offered interest free instalments back then. Though it was expensive, it was worth every cent paid as they scanned the entire house and found a lot more termites then we thought. Do a google about them but I think that there are other companies providing similar services. Never ever use those cheap ones when all they do are to spray arsenic powder to ‘chase away’ the termites but not getting rid of the queen and the colony.”

22 Mar 11
By: Jcase

“This will be a long battle. These blood suckers not easy to eradicate. I would use a pro pest firm. Usually they do 2 treatments. I remember we used Aardwolf and withing the guarantee period I made them come back every week to check and spray whether there were BB or not.”

3 Feb 10
By: Berncsp76

“If all are too troublesome you can engage pest controller…pesticare, ardwolf etc if I am not wrong. Quite good. “

31 Mar 08
By: Samshio

“Got a bed bug infection 2 yrs ago.

Called the pest busters. Think the name was aardvark. The guy came and sprayed insecticide on the mattress and room. checked back in a week. All gone.

Lucky no more bugs till now. *touch wood* “

9 Jan 08
By: fairlady_xoxo

“Call Aardwolf”

Date Unknown
By: CCK123

“”Aardwolf is the first to reply among the pests controllers I had enquired about my house termites problem. The guy, Patrick replied the very same day and even returned my call late at night, way after…” – CCK123″

Aardwolf Pestkare (S) Pte Ltd
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  • December 25, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    Good idea with this website but it’s not very user friendly. There’s no at a glance comparison or ranking. Must click into every company to read reviews. The description for each company is the raison ‘ete of your website rather than summary of the company’s USP. Do reconsider your presentation of info, you can make this site much better

    • December 28, 2015 at 1:28 am

      Thank you for the comment! Would love to chat more with you, but I don’t believe we have your contact? Do drop us a PM! In the mean time, we have changed how we present the data: (1) there is a summary on the main page; (2) the summary for each company is found at the top of the company details page; and (3) each review is now rated positive, neutral or negative. We believe this will improve the user experience, thank you again for the feedback.


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